Unique Insights

Compared to online commerce, brick and mortar businesses have only very limited customer insights. Nurama's technology turns physical locations like retail stores, showrooms, malls, fairs, museums and public transport hubs into web-like data systems. This way we are providing valuable customer insights.  


Nurama takes the guesswork out of understanding your customers’ offline journey whatever your business vertical or scale of operations. Using our technology you will be able to know what customers want even before they do themselves.

Enhance Performance

Improve operations and cut unnecessary costs

Identify opportunities

Optimise venue layout, staffing and marketing.

Boost revenue

Increase conversion rate, dwell time and basket value.

Maximize experience

Engage with customers using relevant and suggestive content.

Our Solutions

Nurama developed a proprietary middleware platform that is the very core of the technology used to collect rich data, generate valuable insights and leverage these insights to optimize customer engagement.

Data Collection

Sensors carry out people counting, customer segmentation and store area analytics.

Valuable Insights

Collected data collect is analysed, made insightful and actionable with our intuitive dashboard.

Customer Engagement

Maximise customer experience by showing the right message at the right time to the right person.

Privacy by Design

Nurama is committed to ensure a total respect of privacy for the consumer when collecting and analysing data. The GDPR-compliant shopper data our technology collects and uses is always anonymized and never linked to a customer ID and/or personal information. The optical sensors we utilise never record images. They automatically convert customer movements into anonymous bulk data. This allows us to collect insights while fully respecting privacy for our client’s customers.